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Originally Posted by raymark
IMO, if you are questioning this then the answer is no - at least for now. I don't believe anyone should choose to become pregnant or adopt unless they are 10,000,000% sure and wouldn't think to question it.
This is the kind of things that I take as not being positive. There's people who DON'T want kids & get pregnant by not protecting themselves & keep the child & are so happy & in love with their children. I have GOOD reasons to question if I want to have another one & I'm gonna take a guess & say mayb you haven't went thru something so traumatizing as I did. Not trying to be mean I just want only positive things I've already been belittled by my family That's why I am here to get some advice from people who can relate.

And thank you all sharing stories. It's really good that I hear others struggle with this too!!
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