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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

I know your DH won't hear of it...but you have to cut the cable. Something like netflix or hulu or something else to subsitute, but your budget doesn't work. Not when those numbers don't include any gas for the cars or groceries for 10. Either the cable will have to go or someone will need a second job just to pay for that.

I think your mobile phones are a bit high too, but given where you are I don't have any advice for cutting that, I don't know what your options are down there.

On a separate note, I am just shocked that you pay $133 a MONTH for plates on your cars, that is what we pay in a year! And $250 in council fees to cover things like parks, libraries the US we would call that property taxes and they are paid yearly usually. Yours are double what ours are on a yearly basis. It just boggles my mind. I know there's nothing you can do about those, they just amaze me is all.
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