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Re: Update on hcg

Originally Posted by txmommytobe View Post
Well I have no answers. They couldn't see anything but they think there is fluid in my right tube/ovary which could mean ectopic so Friday morning I have a repeat hcg and then if my numbers have at least doubled another ultrasound. If they go down then it means bad news and of course my hubby is out of town. Trying to stay positive

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Oh, mama. If it makes you feel any better, free fluid (anywhere in the abdomen) is typically ALWAYS noted on an early ultrasound even in REGULAR pregnancies. I know it's hard, just trying to help you think positive. With my last pregnancy, I had free fluid around my left ovary (because that's the one I ovulated from). It ended up being the corpus leutum (they figured out later on).

I hope you get some news on Friday. Keep us updated!
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