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Re: Man, this is rough!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
it's happened to me while pregnant and wasn't low blood sugar (it has also happened other times and definitely been low blood sugar).

I've always written it off as just a side effect of pregnancy. Dehydration could definitely be it or stress. I had a couple things that felt like panic attacks while I was pregnant with DD, but I wasn't actually panic'd.

For the OP - does sound like low blood sugar - keep candies in your pocket like an old lady
Funny you should mention panic attacks. I have anxiety, really bad. Obviously I'm not taking medication right now, and when these "episodes" happen, or I get kind of dizzy at random moments, it sends my anxiety THROUGH the roof. Which then just makes the symptoms worse, etc. It's like everything plays off of eachother. I am scared to DEATH of fainting in public. That's the first thing that runs through my head...

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