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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

I think the comments and the way people went about it appears unrealistic. For example, they were talking about avoiding eating out and picking up starbucks and such....duh. SNAP doesn't cover Starbucks. But....that doesn't mean that everyone on SNAP is avoiding that stuff. They are just using their other cash to pay for it. Like the people who would come through my register at CVS, use their SNAP to pay for their Pringles and Mt. Dew snacks, then run a second transaction for their cigs and vodka. And that wasn't a rare occurence. Most people who rang up things on a SNAP card when I was working at CVS for sure didn't use SNAP as their ONLY food money. And, while I didn't like keep some sort of detailed accounting, I figure we had at least as many SNAP transactions as we had major couponers...maybe more.

Which maybe says something, I dunno...

The reality is that too many people in the US, in my experience, SNAP or not, regardless of what sort of income they have...just don't pay enough attention.
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