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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Welcome to all the newbies!!

Originally Posted by hibiscus869 View Post
Hello, I'm new here (to this forum anyway). We aren't 100% homeschooling but my DS comes home early at the end of the day to do math (I dislike the math system they're using at the school). He goes to a very flexible charter school so we're able to do this.
I don't know anything about Saxon, but it sounds like you have that all figured out now anyway. I just wanted to say that it is awesome that you can bring him home early for math!

Originally Posted by angel nee nee View Post
Another day of homeschooling done and we did what was scheduled.
I have glucouse test tomorrow so that will throw off the schedule. I'm going to print some activities for children to do (worksheets) at the office.
Ugh. I hate the glucouse testing with passion. 2 out of 3 times I've got a positive on the first test and had to go back to do the second fasting test. And then my numbers were super low and they were like "we don't even know why you're here!" Awesome. Let me go home!

Heather--That's awesome that you got in a whole day of school and are feeling better about things. Can I ask which singapore you ended up ordering? I think it might have been buried in this thread somewhere, but I didn't find it. I'm also hoping for a quick and easy delivery for you, and that maybe you'll go into labor soon! Waiting is so hard.

As for's a good thing I had no time at all to update yesterday because the chaos of the day made me a total crab. We did some homeschooling in the morning but it didn't go that well. Keegan was having one of his off days in reading which he seems to have every couple weeks or so and it's super frustrating. Kennah was also having an off day which she does every now and then where she won't use her right side as much and tends to regress in other areas as well. The kids were all kind of whiney and not really with it. The goats found somewhere in the fence to squeeze through so I kept having to mess with that. A lady from church has a truckdriver husband that was in a really bad accident (he's in ICU--be praying. He's also not a believer), so I was on the phone a lot of the day. I had several church errands to run, we went to Kennah's gymnastics then skipped Rachel's gymnastics so we could pick up DH and go the was a long day that made for cranky tired children and a cranky tired Mama.

Today is going better so far. We got home from the hospital late so I was hoping they woud sleep in but they very rarely ever will. So they got up bright and early and have been a bit draggy, but they aren't as cranky as yeseterday. Crossing my fingers that maybe they would all take a nap! Homeschooling went okay for what we have done so far this morning. Keegan's doing better in his reading today. Kennah is still not doing great today--she's not homeschooling but of course tends to get in the way! She usually takes a few days after a regression to get back in the swing of things--especially if she is not getting enough sleep. I hoping to fit in some more homeschooling later but we'll see how it goes--we're going to take it lightly today.
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