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Re: Your favorite CD-safe diaper ointment?

For preventing general, all-over redness because of food allergy or wetness etc - CJ's Warm Vanilla Cake! (ie, not red yet)
For slightly more intense all over redness (ie, already red) - lanolin. Totally cd-safe, a good schmear will protect delicate skin from sitting against wetness (or poo).
Big guns - Butt Paste in the green tube... just a teensy bit... never had an issue but we DO use fleece liners all the time anyways.
If it looks yeasty (DD is prone), Lotrimin, yes, foot cream. (NOT cd- safe as far as I know)
If it gets funky... Polysporin, just a tiny tiny bit, never had an issue in my CD's. NOT Neosporin... there is a difference, IDK what it is, but IDK how it would affect the results. It clears up little oozy things really quickly.
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