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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

I think $4 a day per person makes it really easy for a family IMO. It would be challenging, but doable for a single person. My grocery budget is less than that for my family and we eat a lot of organic food and we don't eat bad at all. Reading through a lot of their grocery lists, you understand why it was so hard for them. I think it would've been much easier with some planning. Also, I live in a high COL living area and seeing how much they paid for certain items makes me because I know I can find them cheaper (not what I would normally buy, because like I said, we eat a lot of organic food) but I could for sure find it cheaper to make the challenge work for myself. I also think doing the challenge for only a week makes it more unrealistic because if you have your entire monthly budget (which people on assistance would have) you can buy more at once, saving $. Like the girl who bought a $1.25 granola bar. You can buy a whole box of generic granola bars for like $3, but she didn't do that because she was only doing it for 5 days.
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