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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

I personally think that the eating habits of most Americans does make it difficult. But that doesnt mean it is impossible. Just off the top of my head, with no sales or coupons, here is what I came up with for 5 days. Yeah there is no variety but it mostly healthy and has no junk in it!!!

Dozen eggs $2
Loaf of whole wheat bread $2
2 bags frozen broccoli $2
2-2.5 lb chicken pack $6
Bunch of 5 bananas $2
about 5 apples $2
Jar of PB $3
Box of brown rice $1

Not perfect but it was not too hard to think up

2 eggs, toast and banana for breakfest
PB sandwich and apple for lunch
Chicken, broccoli and rice for dinner

I do understand tho that people with food restrictions would have a harder time with it. I did recieve SNAP at one point for me and my son. I got $187 a month for 2 people - that is about $3.10 a day each. We ate AWESOME during that time!

I think it is easier if you combine $$ for a family. I recently upped our budget but for the last couple of years our weekly budget was $80 including non food purchases. We are a family of 3 so our SNAP amount would be $84. We were able to eat a variety of food for that amount too!
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