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This is what I feel like with low blood sugar. I wouldn't e so quick to dismiss it based on the fact that you've eaten, though, because mine was finally diagnosed as REACTIVE hypoglycemia. It can happen if I don't eat for a while, but my body also reacts to certain foods by bottoming out. For example, if I eat something sweet after a fast (practical example: pancakes for breakfast) Ill be a mess for the whole day. I spent a long while working with a nutritionist to figure out what, exactly, my body was reactive too. Now I know that the morning has to be all protein for me, basically. Once I've gotten the day started that way, I can usually eat anything I want without repercussions. She said that isn't true for everyone. Some people are sensitive to carbs and some aren't, etc. it was a real puzzle to sort it out

Anywho, the best advice has already been given - balance the things you "treat" it with with protein. Trail mix is PERFECT for this. I always, always have a pack in my purse.

I had more to say but dH is rushing me out the door. Feel better soon!
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