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Re: KAL ~ Knit for the love of it! Sept 30 - Oct 6

Originally Posted by msuk2girl View Post
A publix just moved in 10 miles south of us. I never really was a big fan in FL... thought they were overpriced. Most groceries give me that impression though.

Albertons had better birthday cakes than publix I know this b/c brother and I spent every birthday down there.
We used both albertsons and publix growing up. We always got our cake at Publix, I've never had albertsons cake. Our Albertsons closed down quite a few years ago, I never went there living was right across from Walmart and if I was going to go down there, I'd just go to Walmart. I like the bakery at publix but yes, very expensive. I go there because it is closer and way less crowded than walmart. And usually not out of anything but of course today I went to get the dried figs I like and they were out of stock.

Originally Posted by LadybugMonkey View Post
I hope everything goes well for your surgery tomorrow Karyn.
Thank you, I am sure it will go fine.

Although, in the event you never hear from me again. Shannon, Fi and Dani can all get ahold of me by email/text. Make sure to contact DH to portion out the yarn stash LOL. Wouldn't want it to go to goodwill..oh the horror
Karyn, SAHM to DD (11-29 -04--daddy's bday! DS1(1-5-07) and DS2 (3-16-09). swag with me need something knit? I will knit for trades. examples of work here

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