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Re: What do you miss...

Originally Posted by smores View Post
Having my own car.
Oh man I miss having a car for myself! It requires so much planning to get anywhere with only one car for the family. The savings are astronomical though!

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Right now...lightbulbs lol.

Problem is, we are approaching the stage where we will NEED to start replacing them. And they aren't budgeted for. All three over the island are out, which is starting to make food prep for dinner a bit difficult, especially if it's raining and the sun is clouded over.

So right now, I miss lightbulbs.
Do you know what we do when we move in? We unscrew over 1/2 the lightbulbs and then screw them back in as they go out. Have you tried relocating some from another room for your kitchen? I think we switched a hall light with a kitchen light when things go really tight a few years ago and just didn't have a hall light for a while. We've gotten some from the dollar store for pretty cheap, but they seem to burn out really fast.

The other thing I miss is visiting family. We used to fly every year to visit family in CA. and now we only go to those we can drive to and that is only once a year. It wasn't a big deal when we lived in AK and all my family lived nearby, so the kids got to really know the grandparents and family. Now the only family they see is once a year at Thanksgiving. I feel like they are missing out .
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