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Re: Can I get some ideas of what to trim please?

We have car registration, but it's 75 for the entire year, not a monthly cost. That's kinda nuts. The council thing sounds like property taxes.

I'd get on that electric, start unplugging things and trying to limit usage, you're electric bill is almost double what mine is, and mine includes water and sewage. Are you on smart meters? Is there less expensive times of the day you can use appliances? I know here if I let the laundry and dishwasher run overnight it's half the price of them running during the day.

Basically you don't have a budget problem, you have an income problem. You can cut little bits out, maybe drop your cell, but what little you can squeeze out is not going to help a whole lot. You need to figure out what you can do to bring in more money. Can you babysit, dog walk, take a second job? Can your husband?
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