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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

I've been trying to read through this thread but it's gotten massive, and I was wondering if you could help me too? I used to live where there was hard water (no water testing there but I could not wash dishes in Blue Dawn for more than 5 minutes without the suds disappearing completely).

So anyway, then we moved. We were having ammonia issues and I upped the detergent thinking they weren't getting clean enough. (First we were using Tide ultra powder but then I switched to Tide liquid original.) So, I upped the detergent amount to the 2 line, and then we started getting leaks, and DD was getting ammonia burns.

Now the water seems to be quite soft. I tried your stripping method yesterday (soak/ stomp in the tub) and now I'm rinsing them in the machine today and I have rinsed for like 8-10 times already. (HATE stripping in soft water!)

Now what to I do once they are adequately rinsed? I never want to strip with soft water again, LOL! I have not tried bleach for ammonia but that is on my list next. How much detergent should I use? Should I go back to Tide liquid or try something different? HELP! How much should I use if I go back to that?
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