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Re: KAL ~ Knit for the love of it! Sept 30 - Oct 6

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
Stilll no word from Fi? No good

In the first episode at least they are all working on Lucky Strike advertising and working around the new health reports and the new advertising requirements that were imposed, not being able to advertise them as healthy etc. DH and I met while working on the lawsuit from the Dept of Justice against the Tobacco Institute, which dealt not only with the health claims but targeted advertising etc. We've read a lot of transcripts from meetings from that time period so we do know a lot of what went on, but it's interesting to see the portrayal on TV I guess.

You could probably get one that fits, but it's meant to be light and drapey and you won't get that kind of look from DK/worsted.

All the muffin talk you guys are making me too hungry! Everyone is still sick here, I'm sicker. Wondering how many days in a row I can feel worse before I get better.
missed this. hope you feel better.

I agree about the drape.

thanks for the explanation..I dont' even remember what show, but that is interesting about you and DH.

Yes..what's up w/Fi??? I hope she is ok!
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