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Re: Am I asking too much?

I don't think you are necessarily being unreasonable, but...

I have a very bright 5.5 yr old. She is CONSTANTLY forgetting things. Same as your daughter, she loves art and loves to draw and color and imagine and create, but clean up escapes her.

I kind of think this has to do with her being so unentertained by mundane things, and so anxious to get on to the next activity. I think her brain is just going so fast that she doesn't remember most of the time what she needs to do.

B/c of this, we have constant struggles over cleaning up. I recently had to bag and throw away some of her toys b/c she REFUSED to pick them up off her bedroom floor. And I gave her a LOT of time and a LOT of reminders. So, you can see, I am definitely not ANTI-throwing away.

But with her, I have had to come to the realization that her brightness makes her a little scatterbrained, and for something to become habit for her (ie, putting away toys), I need to be on top of her and enforce it EVERY time and after a while she will get it and just start to do it.

I also remind her. Like, if I see her coloring, I tell her very specifically, "Hey, don't forget to put that stuff away when you are done, ok? I don't want it left in the middle of the floor. Someone could fall on it." Or if I walk by later and see everything still out, I'll say loudly (we have a small house) "Oh no! I hope (DD's name) didn't forget to put her stuff away! I would be so sad if I had to throw it away!" And she usually RUNS in and picks it all up immediately. LOL

I also have let her markers dry out b/c I got tired of telling her to recap them. Then when I went to throw them away and she flipped out, I handed her one, told her to try to use it (it was dried out, so she couldn't) and said, "This is why you HAVE to put the caps on markers when you are done with them. They dry out and now you can't use these." She was really upset, but it was a consequence she brought upon herself by ignoring me when I kept telling her to put caps on and put them away. Now there are no markers. Oh well.

So, I dunno if that gives you any ideas. That's what works in our house. But there are still battles and struggles over everything every once in a while. Yesterday she threw a full on screaming, kicking, flailing tantrum b/c she WANTED TO TAKE A NAP! but when I told her to lay down, she instead woke up her brother and played with him. So I told her she had to sit in the corner for 5 mins quietly and THEN she could take her nap. But.... ugh.... I am pretty sure the neighbors called CPS. I've never had her scream like that and it took me 30 mins (and removing toys) to get her to chill out.... My point is, there's always something. Today was the markers, tomorrow might be something else. lol.

best wishes mama.

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