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Re: Peanut allergy from just being breathed on in young infant - what am I in for???

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Has anyone else ever had this happen to them, know someone it has happened to? Will DD have to live in a bubble???
A friend in Ottawa, ON went thru this same thing this past March or April (except babe was 4 mo old & it was her who breathed on him not siblings). Within a week or two they had the allergist appmt and started removing PB & other nuts from the home.

She is fairly laid back about it (not unsafe, just not freaking out at all, she is a Dr herself, not sure if that plays a part in it) and her LO has had a second reaction since (still just hives & some swelling on the outside of the mouth).

I'll check with her later to see what tips she may have to pass on. Let me know if there are any specific questions you have that she could answer - I'll check if she's willing to share her addy with you. Please do be careful with Epipen use with such young infants!

Fortunately lots of places have gone nut-free/peanut-free and with awareness raising it is getting safer out there. (All the programming spaces I attend have nut-free policies, and myself & my friends don't ever take nuts to parks b/c of awareness.)

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