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Re: KAL ~ Knit for the love of it! Sept 30 - Oct 6

Originally Posted by msuk2girl View Post

Morning ladies. 3 potties over night in the potty, and 1 in the bed But if I but her in something they'd all be in her bed.

We have lots of gerber type trainers (a bit nicer, seem to hold a bit more) that she thinks are undies.
Yay! Looks like your diaper days are over! :happydance:

Originally Posted by knibert View Post
that's all my brain can remember this morning.

infection is not good but I did sleep well. I knit on the TAS hat last night until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Moving right along but not sure if I like the slipped sts to fix the jog. It usually looks ok but it is really pulling on this hat. Probably should have tried the technique suggested on the pattern...was too lazy to look it up last night though. I think I will skip knitting group today. I have some things I need to get done before the surgery tomorrow and I may be too sore to do them after.
Hope your infection gets better and good luck/thoughts/prayers for your surgery tomorrow.

Oooh- and send a muffin this way! I'm having breakfast now. Cheddar bagel with cream cheese (I don't even want to know the calorie count) and chai, nom!

Originally Posted by msuk2girl View Post
I want a muffin!
Me too!!

Originally Posted by knibert View Post
We used both albertsons and publix growing up. We always got our cake at Publix, I've never had albertsons cake. Our Albertsons closed down quite a few years ago, I never went there living was right across from Walmart and if I was going to go down there, I'd just go to Walmart. I like the bakery at publix but yes, very expensive. I go there because it is closer and way less crowded than walmart. And usually not out of anything but of course today I went to get the dried figs I like and they were out of stock.

Thank you, I am sure it will go fine.

Although, in the event you never hear from me again. Shannon, Fi and Dani can all get ahold of me by email/text. Make sure to contact DH to portion out the yarn stash LOL. Wouldn't want it to go to goodwill..oh the horror
No publix here.

Don't forget, I have your email too!
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