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Re: Am I asking too much?

no, I would expect that of my 5 yr old....but what is happening before you ask her to pick them up?

Like say she is coloring - you call from the other room..."hey time for snack"....she jumps up right away (cause snack is AWESOME!!!) and goes to have snack, then sits to watch go in other room and see markers....not really her fault cause you interrupted her with an AWESOME snack and then she forgot about markers.

If she is come in the room and say "hey pick up your markers and we will have snack" walk away to prepare snack....she appears a little later.....has snack....sits down to watch go in other room....markers still out....her fault, she knew the expectations and didn't follow through.

I find that if I give clear directions (at that moment) the kids do great - if it is something they are just supposed to "remember" ...not so much (unless it is like brushing teeth which is like routine, or cleaning up their plates from table, again everyday routine)
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