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Re: What do you miss...

Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman View Post
I have never experienced that freedom. I analyze every purchase, even when we have plenty of spare cash. I think growing up working class leaves me always fearful that we are one bad move away from being in the hole, or at the least paycheck to paycheck.
I grew up very poor, but my parents made sure we had essentials and I was never very materialistic. However, we were on assistance growing up, which really helped out.

DH and I are middle class, which means scrimping and saving, and we live in a state with a very high unemployment rate, along with very high taxes. There's always a fear of us losing our jobs, losing our home, etc. because of the way the economy has spiraled down. We wouldn't qualify for any assistance if one of us lost our jobs either.

Yet, we're surrounded by people who do not mind being in debt or ruining their credit, so it's hard for them to understand why DH and I worry about finances. We always pay our bills on time and we don't ever want to file for bankruptcy.

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