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Re: Homeschooling check-in

I am really happy with the activity box T and I are using now! He really enjoys going to today's tab and pulling out the cards to choose an activity to do with me. I even blogged on how I made it. Yesterday we only managed two things then I had to call a sick day for myself and let him play Starfall (media time is usually on weekends). Today though we have done quite a bit. I think so far his highlight was our leaf hunt outside, although he enjoyed the book "Red Leaf Yellow Leaf" quite a bit too. We did have a flop book wise for the first time in a long time with a Tasha Tudor book. He won't let me finish it. Totally uninterested. Oh we'll, guess it goes back to the library!

Snorris, I have a question about MFW k! The unit D is for Dinosaur specifically. What sort of hands on activities does it involve? We are involved in a once a week class day with other homeschoolers. Their PreK class uses MFW K and HWOT supposedly. If we stay with the group T will be in that class next year, so I'm particularly interested.
Monday when I helped out in the PreK class the teacher provided lots of internet printed worksheets and had them color a pre-cut picture of a dinosaur which they glued on a stick as the hands on art dinosaur project. I thought based on the samples I saw on the MFW site their K curriculum is more hands on than that? HWOT too; for fine motor they spent a 40 minute period tracing worksheets. Of course I had to leave for a dr appointment so I didn't see their story and language period, so I know I'm missing a piece of the day seeing how they use MFW K.
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