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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

Originally Posted by sdavis514 View Post
I get what you are saying. I would assume that since I live in a high COL area in terms of housing( like a 2 bed room apt is atleast $1,000+ min here) , that our food would be on the more expensive side too. But I can always, even in off season, get a pound of apples for $2 or less. I can always find atleast one kind of fruit for less than $2 a pound, most of the time $1 a pound.

Wonder why food is so much more expensive where you are? I assume that since each state bases the SNAP benefit on their own food cost but idk.
Is your housing costs on the lower end? Then it would kinda even out, you know?
nope, our housing is pretty expensive, IMO. I am in a 2 bedroom condo/apt and pay $950 ONLY because it's owned by a friend of my FIL. Any of these other units can expect to pay $1200+. the first place we put money on was a 2 bedroom apt for $900. When we went to move it, there were roaches everywhere!!! We backed out and got our money back cause there was NO way I was moving in there! Thankfully we discovered this before even moving anything in, just went in to do my usual "my standards" cleaning.Landlord wasn't even surprised when I went in that office to tell him we wanted our money back because of roaches. So, yeah, $900 for a 2 bedroom roach apt After Katrina, we were stuck in Kentucky for 10 months. We paid about $600 a month for a 3 bedroom house in a nice lil neighborhood. I dream of moving back there LOL Their milk is under $3
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