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Re: Fav Bible Devotions for 4&5 yr old to start our school day?

Jesus Story Bible and Long Story Short are great!
Might enjoy Susan Hunt's books as well. "Discovering Jesus in Genesis" "Discovering Jesus in Exodus" "Big Truths for Little Kids" are three of her many titles.
Sinclair Ferguson has some great ones for that age too. It includes several simple activities with the devotion, and a memory verse. "Big Book of Questions and Answers" and "Big Book of Questions and Answers About Jesus"

This fall I'm actually adapting the Preschool age 4-5 Show Me Jesus Sunday school curriculum for daily devotional use right now and loving it! Right now we're on week 5 of a 13 week study on God Always Keeps His Promises, tracing the promises of God from the fall/birth of Seth all the way through the OT to the birth of Jesus.
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