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New to this need help PLEASE! :)

Hi Mama's!

My little boy should be making his grand debut anytime within the next month and need to get on this! The last ultrasound we had estimated his weight at being well over 10 lbs IF we go to our due date. We have another one in 2 weeks and will know more what we are looking with that. So I don't know if I need to be focusing a lot of getting newborn diapering stuff or just move on up? Any advice there??

Also, I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed with my diapering choices. I finally decided on prefolds for the most part now am stuck on covers.....
How many covers will I need?
Which covers do you find the best?
I need to be getting some asap and need some help please!

Also, I have 3 dozen size small prefolds from green mountain I need more?

Thanks again ladies!!!
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