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Best Nighttime Trainer

Hi wise ones -

What is the best nighttime trainer?

I have used blueberry pockets stuffed (but they seem to be leaking with the faster toddler/preschooler pee, even with microfiber on top and hemp below)

I have used fitteds and wool by DS complains they bother his man parts (hahaha)

Lately I have used disposables, but they are getting expensive and since regular potty training is going so slow, i need to find a cloth night solution.

I really think he holds most in until the 5-6 am and then lets it go.

My son really doesn't mind wearing diapers (no ego), so i can still use diapers on him at night, but figured if i'm buying something i might as well get a trainer.

I've heard of super undies, but they are super expensive.

Thanks mamas!
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