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Re: Am I asking too much?

Originally Posted by clothdiapercrunchy View Post
I think my issue is more that this happened 6 times TODAY. Can she really not remember that just an hour ago we had this same conversation? maybe she cannot. But when I remind her every time she takes them out and reminded her every time she did not put them back (this was six seperate occasions today) it seems crazy to me that she doesnt remember. Maybe we need more structured coloring time then its over for the day and put it away? IDK. For now I explained she cannot be trusted with markers and put them away and on the top shelf where she cannot reach them. SIGH....
I was thinking you meant it happens a couple times a day. Yea, 6 times is a lot. If you are reminding her when she takes them out and reminding her when she does not put them back, then I think it is time to follow through and throw them away.

If they are still good markers, maybe you could bag them up and take her with you and drop them off at Goodwill.

I've done this with perfectly good toys before. Kids refuse to pick them up, I tell them they aren't appreciating what they have and so we are going to give them to someone who will appreciate it, and we go donate it.

They do have a freak out session. It is NO FUN. But if you follow through, she will see you are serious.
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