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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Oh Heather, it seems kids always know when you should be taking it easy or are sick. They may just be feeling the "difference" in the air. I hope you can get some rest and get your BP down. I was so glad to hear you had a good school day before, maybe you can squeeze in some nice reading in bed (everyone read mommy a story).

Jen, I am sorry to hear about your friend's husband and hope today goes better. Tired crabby kids are never a pleasure to work with. I wish my boys would settle in for an afternoon nap.

Rain, It sounds like everyone has appts going on. My guys are always kind of cranky after dentist appts, even if nothing really happened. I'm trying to learn to go with the flow and remember that playing can be educational too.

Nee Nee, I know you asked a few posts ago about Lesson pathways and I haven't had a chance to answer yet because I haven't been on. I use Lesson Pathways for history primarily (I have it set for science too but haven't really used it) but I don't really plan it. I am a horrid planner. I log on usually Friday and make sure I have enough materials to do a couple of the hands on activities and then just plan to go with it from there. We do school work M-Thurs most weeks barring appts or major meltdowns. I read the lessons to the kids, read most of the background info stuff and then let them play the games and try to do one or two of the hands on activities. I encourage the boys to do more in depth research if they are interested in the topic or if I feel they should (I try to encourage research for Kearnan, Tharen is a bit young). We also read books that might relate like Celtic Fairy Tales or King Arthur during literature time. So far this has worked well for me. Sometimes I get distracted and a week long pathway turns into a several week research expedition (I'm history obsessed) because there are areas of history that I am just far more interested in and feel that the kids need more background in. I think the kids wish I planned more so things like that didn't happen. Honestly they probably still would.

AFM, I have been off for a few days cause lots of stuff has been going on. We don't usually do school work on Fridays or at least have light work days. The last two weeks have been pretty crazy with Tharen being hyper manic and our TKD school moving so our schedule has been a bit off. Friday we had an appt with Tharen's doctor and changed meds again. So far no real change but since he has to wean off of the old medication and onto the new one we probably won't see anything for quite a while. We have seen a decrease in manic symptoms, unfortunately that just means he switched to combative. We don't do school on the weekends either so nothing then. Monday I had an appt so no school then either. It isn't a huge deal really. Tuesday we got back to work and things have been really normal for Kearnan. Tharen went back to "I don't want to do school work" but actually did it quite well. He worked with Nimby on "watch me" and "sit" commands and then moved on to unifix cube math doing more than and less than and skip counting. It isn't huge break through kind of stuff but he is doing it anyway. He was more argumentative when I told him it was time for history but he came and did it and then he was done for the day. Kearnan got through all of his subjects and even wrote in his journal.

So far today Tharen has done math, he actually worked in his new math book and has completed the first chapter. He said he didn't want to do school work when we started the day, but he did it. Then we moved on to dog training. Kearnan got through math and spelling and worked on dog training as well. We should be doing history right now but they are playing "nature explorers" in the backyard instead. They were having so much fun digging in the dirt, checking out bugs, dumping water and discovering geckos that I just couldn't make them come back inside. I'm willing to trade a day of history for this. This month we focus on the history of Halloween and other celebrations of the dead around the world. We've already covered the Iron Age Celts, and we have done this same "unit" if you want to call it that, 2 years in a row now. We will work for probably 2-3 more weeks and then take a week to do Halloween crafts and games and bake for the big day. I'm not worried about them missing a day. After lunch we can do reading and Kearnan can finish the rest of his work hopefully.
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