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Re: Large amounts of amniotic fluid

This is what happened to me with my last son (born Nov. 2011) I was borderline GD as well and was in the hospital Tuesdays & Fridays for the last 3 months to ensure he was ok. I would be hooked up to monitors and checked for about an hour and then once a week my fluid levels were checked with ultrasound. I went into labor on my own, 5 weeks early and he had sugar problems as soon as he was born. He almost refused to nurse for two days and all he would do was sleep. He was hooked up to an I.V. to try to regulate his sugar, it took an entire day but he then was able to do it on his own. The only other problem I've had with him was he had problems stopping breathing/choking for a good 6 months of his life. He was tested for everything under the sun and even went in for a surgical procedure where they stick a tiny camera inside of him to make sure his inner anatomy was in check and he was fine.

He's 10 months old now and everything has resided but I did have these problems because the high fluid levels put stress on him--which led him to come early--which led him to some complications. Not trying to scare you! Hope all goes well! Just wanted to give you a little heads up Just in case.
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