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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post
I'm soo sorry. As someone that has many 2 & under during the day, I can totally sympathize. How are they able to tear up some of the things the do? I hope the rest of the day improves.

This cracked me up. I'm sure you posted at nearly the same time. It's the little things that get me.

AFM: We haven't done a lot yet. Last night, DD1 broke the screen on her ipod touch. She had it for 6 days. She's been saving forever and we finally made up the difference as a birthday present. She is destroyed. She was awake most of the night crying. So, she didn't get up until 11 this morning. I've been online looking for recs for a local place to fix it for her. Now I hope someone else gives her money for her birthday so she'll have enough to get it fixed. I feel really bad for her, b/c it was a fluke-she wasn't being irresponsible or anything like that.

DD2 got up bright and early with grand plans of knocking her work out right away and then got distracted. Hopefully we'll do better this afternoon.
LOL I didn't see her post today until just now!

about your daughter's ipod. What a major bummer!!! Hopefully there is some way to repair it inexpensively

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
Jen - I'm using the US edition. I'm wondering if we should switch to the Standards, but for now we are using the US. He's using 1a and 1b. I haven't been able to totally look over and decide yet, but we'll be skipping through a lot of the 1a. But, I'm going to review things too. I want to make sure he got a good foundation and he doesn't have any gaps in his knowledge before moving on.

Sorry yesterday was such a rough day. And, sorry to hear about your friends husband. I'll say a prayer for him. I'm glad today has started out better.

AFM - My day has been very rough so far. First off, I had a bad OB appt yesterday. My BP is up, too much up. They are talking induction. I'm supposed to be on modified bed rest today. My kids...rather my 2 year olds are really out of control today. They can be rambunctious and definitely cause issues, but for some reason today they are just insane. So far, they have broken my vertical blinds on my sliding glass door in my eat-in-kitchen, thrown a lamp down my stairs breaking it and the bulb (somewhat my fault, but they reached over a gate and pushed it down on purpose. It was sitting there waiting to be taken down to the basement. I knew I shouldn't have put it there, but I really didn't think anyone would purposely reach over the gate and push it over before I got a chance to take it down. Silly me. My husband left it on the couch last night after switching it out in our main level office. ), pulled all of the linens out of my linen closet and gotten up to the shelf with the bandages and lotions and such (which is too high for them to reach, still not exactly sure how they did it) and squirted Sarna Lotion (anti-itch cream) all over the towels and sheets. And those are just the big things.

No school as of yet. We may do some this afternoon while the toddlers are napping, but really, I need to pick up the linens and rest. I also need to make sure everything is done because I may be having a baby tomorrow if my BP is super high again.

Sorry to be a downer and I'm not really even talking about homeschooling. But, I guess all this indirectly affects our homeschooling. *sigh*
Sounds like a really rough day.... I'm so sorry! Hopefully when your DH gets home tonight you can take it easy. Are they going to check your BP again before deciding if they want to induce or not?
Have you mentioned already if you live in a state with hs requirements? hours or # of days? I would really just take it easy until the baby comes. GOOD FOR YOU on school yesterday! But don't pressure yourself to get a lot done... Rest, take care of yourself

Anyone~ what is AFM stand for?

Shannon~ they are NOT used to getting up that early, so that's most of it. Their moods are good, but oh my, the fighting with each other was at a new level earlier. We've just been relaxing today. There are no requirements for age 5 and under here, so even though we're aiming to hit the state requirements for 6+ this year, I'm not stressed or anything. (surprisingly! normally I stress out over everything. but you're right, they learn from everything. he's learned so much just by living life that I'm reassured )

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