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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

I would call it a loss and replace the train for your ds. I don't think the sitter is responsible in anyway for it and I don't think it's her responsibility to search for it for days and days. I would just let her know that if she finds it to let you know. I'm sure your ds didn't intentionally hide it but he probably put it down and was distracted and didn't remember where it was. I think that's a risk you take when you bring something special someplace. I always tell my kids that if I tell them to leave something home and they insist on bringing it with it will not be replaced if it is lost and it is their responsibility to keep track of it.

ETA: one time last year I came home from work and discovered the the sink from my kids play kitchen was missing. We had a part time sitter who came to our house with her daughter (once or twice a week). I searched ALL OVER for that sink. seriously, turned the house upside down looking for it. I asked my kids and they didn't have an answer. Two weeks later it simply just appeared back in its spot in the play kitchen. I still have no idea where it was and I'm guessing one of my kids found it and out it back. It drove me nuts that I couldn't find it (and it's not that small). That being said, sometimes things get misplaced and sometimes they show back up and sometimes they don't.
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