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I can't beleive it....

We have been the victim of identity theft. They wiped out our bank account..which granted wasnt very much to begin with. We are very poor family. But they utilized our $300 worth of overdraft protection along with the few hundred available in the account. We are already $500 in the red. The bills we thought we barely paid, with nothing left over...weren't paid at all some creep drained the acct before the bills went through...the overdraft charges aren't even on there $30 bucks a pop....oh plus all the returned check fees that the bill holders are going to charge for getting their checks one of the bills was our electric bill...they have this policy if your late to pay your bill twice, the third time you get charged a $400 deposit. this will cause it to be the third time.
I am so overwhelmed. The bank says anybody can claim they didn't charge something. Ok. The charges are for TODAY...clear accross the country in another state..and I am standing right here in front of you!!
Dh went to police station to file a report.
Dh gets paid friday for the past two weeks. It's gonna take every bit plus some to repay the bills/charges and get the account out of the red. That will leave us with 2wks before our next paycheck. So no gas. No groceries. No paying bills..nothing for 2 wks.
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