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Re: Overwhelmed yet again

So far history and science for us has just been reading a LOT, discussing, exploring, and experimenting. With those two we do more than unschooling, because I am seeking things out to present to them, but I'm really just wanting to get them interested, and broaden the way they think about things at this point.
Sorry you are feeling overwhelmed! If you feel a curriculum is moving too fast for him, or in a way that he just doesn't make the connection, personally, I would ditch it for a while and just spend time with him talking or "playing" in a way that introduces him to the things he needs to know without pressure.

A little off topic maybe~ but I found that reading off the bfiar and fiar book lists with my son really sparked something with him, an interest in discovering and looking beyond the obvious. I feel like he is more "motivated" to be interested in everyday things
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