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Re: Let's see your kids' rooms!

My boys just decided to share Tharen's room so things have changed a little in there. Most of the toys moved out and they have a playroom across the hall. The rooms in our house are small, the room they share is 10.5x10 and the playroom is 10.5x11.

dresser, TV/video games and Kearnan's prints

Bookcase with Kearnan's figures on top

Tharen's bed and art

Kearnan's cork board for collecting convention souvenirs ect. Plus the Halloween night light that they stole (it was supposed to be part of our outdoor decorations)

Tharen's cork board because if Kearnan had one Tharen needed one too. You can also see the routine chart reminding him of what he is supposed to do every day.

The shared bed space. Really I can't get much more of the room in one shot. Clearly I've moved the one picture since to put Tharen's cork board up, it is in the playroom now.

The boys hang out in their room and play with their stuffies (which they both have way too many of) or read mostly. I let them play video games occasionally when all of their school work is done but they don't do it all that often. Mostly it is where they go to sleep or relax so it isn't so bad that it is small. I love having the playroom where they can both go to play. I got so tired of hearing "I want to play with ____ but it is in Kearnan's room" or the other way round. I also wind up with Tharen in my room far less frequently at night now that he has Kearnan to bunk with.
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