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Re: Frustrating nursing behavior - help!

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I feel like I am doing aerobic nursing now. He used lay still and nurse, now he is all over the place. He kicks one leg the whole lime I nurse him now. He also tries to twist around. I am not sure if it will get better or worse.
Oh boy this is what I fear I have to look forward to. Ds is a crazy wiggly active baby I can't begin to image if we nurse into toddlerhood. Yikes.

Originally Posted by marliah View Post
Hylands teething tablets are really great, we also found this works for teething too

The bioron is a bit more expensive but I think it works a bit better. Hylands still kicks tylenols butt though we don't use Tylenol for teething at all anymore (we did with our first two babes)
You know what, we have a tube of hylands teething gel somewhere that I have forgotten about........thanks for reminding!
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