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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Originally Posted by Ashleah143 View Post
I can't believe how many people are taking offense to my personal opinion.
you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and I didnt mean to imply that that wasnt the case.

I think that people, including me, are getting annoyed at your opinion because it is coming off as superior....that YOU would never make such a mistake and that there is no reason that this scenario should ever happen. Its possible that we are misreading the tone and perhaps you arent aware of how the post came across online. For me personally, I work REALLY hard as a mom and a daycare provider and yes it is hurtful that someone may feel that one lost toy is reason to disregard all the other experiences and services that I might bring to a child. This other provider is perhaps being thoughtless and brushing the mom off...thats not cool. But more than likely, judging from what the OP said the provider has already done, the provider has done what she could to remedy the situation. I guess I dont understand how you cant see that.....but we can agree to disagree on this post.
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