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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor
We have some Thomas trains, I know they aren't cheap.

That said, there have been lots of discussions on this forum about these types of situations (usually with more expensive things, like a DS and whatnot) and it's always split two ways. The "what would I do" (look hard until it turns up) and the "shouldn't have let him take it over there" train of thought.

Honestly, I'd write it off as a lesson learned. Buy a new train, and I wouldn't use her as a sitter again. Not because she didn't find the lost toy, but because she doesn't seem to care to even look for it.
I would agree with this. It could be a lesson for him as well to be aware of his belongings and maybe he'll leave his special things at home to be safe. As for the sitter, I think when you have a child you are taking care of, his things are also part of the deal. I would feel horrible and at the least look for it and show empathy. I would agree with another caretaker. Anyhow, I hope it works out.
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