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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Wow I can't believe how many people are being mean to the OP. What if she said it was his first day and he lost his blankie there. WHY is it because his security item happens to be a train is it suddenly no longer considered important.

OP - What train was it? Was it a Thomas or someone else? Wooden or ??? We have a MASSIVE train collection and if I have a spare I will send you one.
We've BTDT my son's security thing was a toy caterpillar (he's 9 almost and still sleeps with it) it went missing at my sister's house for about a week and I COULDN'T sleep because I was so upset for him let alone him being upset. We are the family that has two of every security blanket so this doesn't happen to us - of course the one thing I can't get a double of is the thing he 1) choose to love the most and 2) lost.
Even if it was a blankie....does THAT mean that the child was not being properly supervised if the blankie is misplaced? Is the provider supposed to replace blankets? Is there anything else that the provider could do that has not already been done?

Everything I have said still applies no matter what the kid brought. It got lost, the provider and mom tried to find it, its gone for now. There is nothing to do but for mom to replace it if possible.

OP sorry your thread got so heated! I feel bad for your little guy, I really do. But I also see the providers side.
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