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Baby losing weight

Ds is 5 mo tomorrow. We went to the VNA for a baby massage class and they weigh babies at the end if you want. He was less than he was last time he was weighed 2 weeks ago. So I took him to the pedi's office for a quick nurse visit to get him weighed. He's lost 3 oz in 2 weeks, he's back to his 4 mo weight. But he grew 2 inches!

Pedi wanted to see us after the nurse told her about his weight and she wants to do weekly weigh ins for a while. She said I either need to supplement with formula or increase my supply. I already take MotherLove more milk tincture multiple times a day because I can hardly keep up with him, but now I guess I'm stuck pumping again. I want to avoid formula as ds was supplemented a few days after birth to 3 weeks and that just made the supply issue worse, plus it really didn't agree with his belly.

When should I pump? Should I pump after every time I feed him, between feedings, once in the early morning just in order to get some to supplement?

And is it odd that he's growing but losing weight? I was thinking this walking home so didn't ask - if he's not getting enough to eat then how did he grow 2 inches in 3 weeks! Or am I off base here? I don't want to be missing something else going on, kwim?
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