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Originally Posted by twinpossible
OMG I am SO sorry! How terrible! Call everyone you paid already and tell them what has happened. File a report with the police and cancel that bank account. This really stinks mama. We had some identity theft too, a person opened and AT&T account under my name. It took forever to get that off. Have you tried calling your bank and speaking to someone higher up? This cannot be the first time they have had this happen in that bank!
Oh and I personally would go to the bank your hubby's check is from or a check into cash and cash his entire check. You need money for food, figure out the bills as you can.
The bank won't do anything until the a full investigation is made by the police depart and walmart in that state.
We had the bank acct numbers changed.
Dh's paycheck is actomatically deposited from the company he works for into the acct.
I am scared to let the account sit on red. I would be terrified of going to jail because of all the "hot checks" its going to look like we have been writing to all of our debtors.
Its not like they took our credit card and maxed it....its our personal bank acct! I am so overwhelmed and depressed! I don't know where to begin to fix this! ((cry)) my poor dh works 40 hrs a wk and barely pulls in $400 per wk for the 7 (going on 8 of us).....and to see it just taken and then left to deal with the aftereffects and charges is just too much.
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