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Re: Can someone help me answer this "birds and bees" question for my 5.5 yr old?

Originally Posted by mommyinthesun View Post
Idk, my 5.5yr old knows that the p goes in the v and that his "balls" have sperm. We said its only for adults to do. Hes never brought it up again or acted inappropriately :shrug:

If you dont want to go that route, just say he takes them out of his body and hands them to you
We haven't told the kids this yet, but if they asked this is what I'd tell them.

eta~ I might not start with all the details, just enough to satisfy the curiosity. But if their questions lead to me disclosing the whole chebang, I don't see a problem with it. It's natural, no reason to hide it. Giving cute imagery would confuse a kid I would think?

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