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Re: Am I asking too much?

We threw out all markers last year for this very thing (well, and writting on the walls). When markers were given for Christmas they only last a couple months and they got thrown out as well. We bought some for the beginning of the school year and while we still have this problem (with my 3.5 yo) my 5 yo KNOWS they are supposed to be capped and put away, and he knows they will seriously be thrown out if not, and he doesn't want that to happen. So he's got it now, he'll put them up.

With my 3.5 I just remind as many times as it takes and praise and encourage when she does it. Try to associate good thoughts and appreciation with the fact that she's being reponsible for her stuff.
So I see 3 options. Try to positively reinforce the cleaning up to teach her responsibility, or if she's being careless give a warning and they're gone at the next offense, or put them up where she can't get them/doesn't know where they are and has to ask you for them.

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