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1. How "EC" are you? Do you use diapers? Do you go diaper free? Somewhere inbetween?

I use cloth diapers, natural fibers, no stay dry. We do some naked and/or coverless time. We did more ECing when she was littler and easier to manage. She is rowdy and all over the place now (and over 27 lbs!!!), but we still potty her when she wakes up, and offer at most diaper changes, and whenever she shows interest in the potty.

2. How old is your baby/child?

16 months

3. When did your child start to understand the concept of going to the potty (without you putting them there )? When s/he started walking? Talking? Later?

She started walking around 10-11 months. Very active and mobile. Around 15 months she knew what the potty was and would run to it sometimes and try to sit on it (I always take her bottoms off, help her sit, and cue her when she does this, but she only goes in the potty about 1/3 of the time - I figure it's usually just practice), and she began to play-potty her stuffed animals (we usually say "oh look, doggy's peeing, there he goes! Now M's turn!" And then try to put her on). She is still just experimenting I think. She is not talking much at all yet, just a few words.

I don't really see "diaper free = success" as a guiding principle. For me it is about her having the potty as an option and having another avenue for my communication and bond with her. Any decrease in my cloth laundry is just a bonus
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