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Originally Posted by abhernandez
I know this is silly... But today I weighed myself and I gained 17lbs so far which is a lot more than I was expecting (4 weeks ago I was up 7lbs). And that of course has me a little down but the worst thing is I feel ungrateful about finally having a pregnancy go right and I'm all depressed about my weight? Seriously. It's ridiculous.
I felt the same way when the bloat weight started and I was like "gaining ALREADY!?!" And I felt guilty because a few pounds are nothing compared to a healthy baby, but I was totally conflicted too. Bloat weight has gone away now, so I feel better, but I know when I start really gaining ill be right back where you are now :/

It's okay, mama! It's okay to complain about aspects of pregnancy that aren't awesome---doesn't make you ungrateful---makes you HUMAN!
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