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I am at the end of a 10 week loss...kind of. The baby didn't grow past 6 weeks, but I was 10 weeks when I found out, and 10 1/2 when I miscarried. I had the normal worries that something was wrong, but not any more than with my first 2. So looking back I could say I felt like something was wrong, but really it was just me being a worrier. The two red flags were that I was not sick at all and my tummy got really big really fast and then didn't change and on some mornings seemed almost normal. I thought I was just lucky with escaping the ms. With dd I had very minimal queasiness only for a short time so it wasn't really much different. Plus I had other preg symptoms so it just didn't worry me.

The stomach thing worried me, but DH just would say I was crazy, and that it was so much bigger than normal and so on. I know that I wasn't imagining the bigger tummy to begin with. My pants didn't fit and I only gained a pound. 3 days after I miscarried it looked pretty normal for me.

I started spotting light brown when I wiped at 9 weeks and even then I didn't think it was over. I had bleeding with dd and was fine so minor spotting didn't seem like a game ender.
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