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Re: Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help.

Originally Posted by kimb96 View Post
I agree with Holly. Your urologist needs to do something about your pain control. ACtually he really needs to address doing the stents now as that will alleviate the cause of the pain. Going to the ER for IV medication is not a good pain management plan. I see where the ER doctor is coming from. There is no evidence of stones per se and you are refusing narcotics by mouth and asking for IV medication. He really doesn't know you and your history and what you are presenting when you come to the ER and ask for IV pain meds, isn't good. What I would do if you have another attack is call the urologist's office. If he wants you to go to the ER for pain relief, then he needs to call the ER and let them know you are coming and for what reason.
My only issue with that is I was judged at ER visit #2 before he even saw my labs, my urine results, or my U/S. The doc from last night was there at #2 and acted the exact same way. But that time I had an advocate and needed oxygen because I was hyperventilating and holding my breath so much due to the pain. He had me judged before he even talked to me (tone indicated as such)
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