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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 1-Oct. 7

Originally Posted by slyfoxy View Post
Why don't anyone speak to me at all? I've posted some an not soul says a word to me but says they don't judge. I seem to be judged already by no one says anything to me. Have I done something not right on this thread? Or What? I thought found a forum that would really welcome me. Next when can I put a siggy?

My DH said he thought I found a supported place but I feel like a outsider. No I'm not lyning about going to go for surgeries.

What do I do to make myself known here?
Sometimes people can just be quieter on this forum. I've read your posts and was waiting to see what your tests came out so as to see if you had to have surgery or not. Right now I'm personally not saying a whole lot to anyone except the occational Congrats on the bfps cause really there isn't a whole lot going on positive with me right now (on the TTC part of it anyways) I know you are dreading AF coming but me I didn't get AF and am now dreading having to enduce myself to cycle and meds etc.. Its all hard for a lot of us. I don't have a lot of people comment on my stuff but I know when I MCed last month everyone was supportive and helped me through it. So just know while we may not comment every time we are listening. I know I personally read everyones post (in this thread not in every thread) whether you are new or not so new. I may not comment every time but am reading them and am here.

I'm 2 days away from being off progesterone- so hopefully I'll be able to finally start my next cycle.

About the older people comments. I agree (and have to say I hope I am never this way) that a lot of them can be insensitve. I remember I had a lady who lived across the street from me when I was in my 3rd year of fertility and I saw her outside and she walked up to me and asked where I was going so fast? So I told her I was going through fertility trying to have a baby cause we were having some difficulties and she said "I couldn't have kids and you just need to except that you won't either" and walked away. I cried all the way to the MD office that day. After 3 years I was feeling very defeated and certainly didn't need to hear that from anyone at that point. I did have the satisfaction of seeing her in the pharmacy a year later when I was 9 mth PG with my son and just smiled
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