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Re: Pregnant after TTC while Breastfeeding! *April-May*

I had my three-hour glucose test today. The one-hour test was just 50g of glucose, but the three-hour one was 100g (but with the same volume of fluid, so it felt and tasted like syrup, whereas the other stuff more resembled Kool-aid). The blood draws went fine. So you know how the blood draws are, there's the needle, then a little tube, then the little cup at the end where they attach the vials? With my first draw this morning, we were chilling out and waiting for the vial to fill up, and then all of a sudden, then little tube "stood up" and then laid back down on the other side, all by itself, lol. The phlebotomist and I laughed. I was able to get a little walking in, in between each draw. If my results are posted online, then I'll be able to see them this weekend sometime, but otherwise, I'll have to just wait for the nurse to call me on Monday or Tuesday with my results (would have been Monday last time but she was off. But I felt decent throughout the test, only a tiny and brief bout of mild nausea at one point.
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