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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 1-Oct. 7

Originally Posted by TonyKariTony View Post
This is only my 2nd cycle TTC after the miscarriage, and It is already dirving me crazy, I can't even begin to imagine how stressful it must be to TTC for so long...
you get a BFP this month
OH ok.. I'm so sorry too hear you had a m/c. I've never went through but read a lot of women goes through that. We've got 2 DD an trying for a another as my doctors done said if was going to have another baby had to get with it. Well we've now been TTC soon be a year an not even a sign of a + on a HPT. I so hope to get a BFP this time instead of having to go for my surgeries.

For our 2nd child it took us 12 yrs to get. We've been battling lsc an me having issues as well. My DH is been great.

I usually say God Bless to people but afraid to say it on here as others may get upset. So I'll say Good Luck.
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