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Re: Can someone help me answer this "birds and bees" question for my 5.5 yr old?

My dd was 5 when I was pregnant with her sister and she was like yours.. just kept asking questions!

I stalled for a while but she kept asking so I told her that it was king of a grown up topic but I would tell her if she wanted. I warned her that she might think it icky or weird and that was ok because it is a grown up topic but there is nothing wrong with it. I told her the daddy puts his penis in the mummy's vagina and that's how the sperm gets to the egg.

She looked rather horrified. and just said "REALLY?". I told her we could talk about it anytime but not to talk about it with other kids because it's a grown up topic.

She's 8 now and has never asked anything ever again. I don't know if she remembers or not.
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