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Re: dh threw away a diaper!

Originally Posted by mamamarisa View Post
maybe you need to talk with him about why you want to cloth diaper and ask him why he doesnt like to, explain to him the cost of the diaper he threw away and that it upsets you. teach him about how to use cloth diapers, that may be part of the problem. if he just wants to throw a diaper on quick and be done, get a stash of something he can use, aplix pocket you prestuff or an aplix aio, tell him you will rinse the diapers when you get back as long as they are in the wetbag. i hope you guys work something out!
Yea he really doesn't care He did tell me so on that account it is my fault for forgetting but he could have put it somewhere else. I don't mind handling the poo, I just forgot. He knows how to use them, we switched because my son was having utis, but since he has been fine dh doesn't think we need them anymore. Now that I know more I like that he doesn't have a ton of nasty chemicals on him. I like using fitteds, but my mil (watches him while I work) likes pockets so I have a ton of those ready to go, he has not excuse just likes sposies better.
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